Chinchilla is a small town, just three hours drive along the Warrengo Highway from Brisbane. It is most famously known as the “Melon Capital” of Australia. 25% of the total melon production in Australia comes from Chinchilla. To celebrate this, a great Melon Festival is organised every year. Chinchilla Melon is known for its best size, colour and flavour.

There are many attractions for the tourists to enjoy in their trip to Chinchilla. People come to this town to relax and sunk into the beauty of nature. You have many accommodation facilities in the town for your enjoyable stay. You can visit this great site for more of great accommodation in Chinchilla.

Temperatures of Chinchilla –
Chinchilla is a hot town. It has a very hot summer season with a temperature of 33 degree Celsius. The lowest temperature of summer season in the Chinchilla town only goes up to 19 degree Celsius. As it is a hot town, even the winters have warm temperatures. The town enjoys the winter season with a temperature of 20 degree Celsius. The lowest temperature during the winter season goes up to 5 degree Celsius. Tourist accommodation facilities are made very comfortable for the hot weather conditions.
Today, in this article, we will discuss some of the major attractions of the town, and some of them are mentioned for your information –
• Water sports –
Chinchilla Weir is famously known as a great venue for water sports. You can also enjoy other activities in sports clubs like golf, shooting, tennis, bowls, shooting games, polocrosse, camp drafting, rodeos etc. If you are in to sports, you will have a great time staying in Chinchilla.
• Petrified wood –
One of the things that Chinchilla is famous for is its Petrified Wood supply. The wood is most commonly known as the “Chinchilla Red”. If you are planning to build your collection or are new to fossicking, you can make use of the wood after getting a permit or license through the Tourist Information Centre, you can also check their amazing conference venue.
• Local museums –
There are many historical museums for the tourists to get a glimpse of the tradition and history of the town. These local museums display static and mobile steam engines and also steam sawmill for the tourists to understand the historical significance of it.
If you are planning for a vacation to a place, which is close to nature and known for its simplicity and beauty, Chinchilla is your best choice. When you visit the town, make sure you make most out of your trip and discover all the attractions the town has to offer.