Since the technology has taken over the world so rapidly. Everything has become so fast. People prefer to use machines for doing basic chores rather than doing them manually. The technology also has a huge impact on the lifestyle of a human being. They try to adopt as much convivence as they can in all the aspects of life. People have become more status conscious in the 21st century. What they eat, what they do, how they dressed up, where even the smallest thing that reflects the overall personality of a person counts.  

People love to go on holidays with their family. They want to enjoy their life as much as they can. A person saves money throughout the year to spend an ideal holiday. So, if you are planning to visit Sydney for a few days then you have to keep a few points into consideration before deciding and invest a huge amount in a hotel. 

Liv Sydney has built a dream apartment project in Sydney. It is an ideal place to live in among the pool of different hotels. They have designed their apartments in accordance with the need and demands of the families. They have 2 bedroom apartments in Darling harbour for small families, for a moderate family.  

Following are the benefits which they are giving to make a life easier: 

Status Symbol: 
They especially have kept this feature in mind and has chosen the area where people would dream to live in. It is located in a prime location of the city.  

Design of the House: 
They had hired the best architect to design the apartments and they had kept even the tiniest details in mind and worked on it. They made sure to have all the possible facilities while building apartments. 

It is located in the city centre. The central station is at walking distance of 5 minutes and Darling Harbour is 10 minutes away. This is the main reason and attraction for visitors to choose liv apartments. 

There is an unlimited list of facilities which they are offering to the guests: 

Bathroom Services: 
The luxurious bathrooms have all the services a person could ask for. They have a toilet, bathtub and separate shower cabin.  They also provide shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer toilet paper etc. 

Accessible for all: 
They have specially designed their rooms so that senior citizens can easily have access and can roam without relying on anyone.  

The apartment has Tv, Sofa, radio, refrigerator, dining table, iron, desk, sitting area, DVD player, CD player, dishwasher, washing machine, walk-in closet, kitchen, heating, sofa, fully carpeted, children’s cribs, socket near the bed, fire extinguisher and what not. 

Other facilities: 
Other facilities include key card access to each room and each room has a balcony along with the sofa in it which gives a beautiful and mesmerizing view of the city. hotel-accomodate