Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions because of the numerous fancy food and restaurants and because of the many wine regions to be found there.

Hunter Valley is a country side village, all sunny and lush and with vineyards wherever you look, it is a green jewel that ought to be visited and tasted. Even though it’s far away from the European continent, Hunter Valley resembles a lot with some greatly renowned European regions that are famous for their wine producing industry. Add to that some jumping Joeys and you’ll get a fantastic Australian picturesque real painting.

Comfortable and convenient way to get to Hunter Valley

For all of this to be thoroughly seen you have the best option there could be: a bus charter Sydney to Hunter Valley. A bus charter is a smart way to travel. It has all the necessary equipment and conditions to offer you the most comfortable ride while meeting new people and sight-seeing the beautiful scenery that Hunter Valley has to offer.

If you think that all you have to do is decide what you want to see and then pay for the ride you can definitely say you’ve stroke a bargain. The charter bus comes with its own well instructed driver and a tour guide to accompany you all the way while answering all your questions, satisfying all your curiosities and guiding you to the best restaurants and vineyards in the region so you can enjoy a most fantastic day and experiences.

Activities to be done in the Hunter Valley after disembarking the bus charter

For all the sports enthusiasts out there the most fun activity is to take a cycling tour. Riding your bike along the long paths among the vineyards, surrounded by vegetation, clean air and the view of the Blue Mountain ahead or at the back can have a very soothing effect on the mind and body.

There is another great way of relaxing and becoming harmonious with the nature around you at one of the many, lovely spas. Just indulge in all that’s natural among the beauty products and serve as many grapes as you like while getting pampered.

Professional or not, anyone curious enough can enjoy a great round of golf on the Valley’s green meadows. You will also benefit from assistance and tips to improve your style if that’s what you want.

A cellar door experience can be extremely educational and fun for everyone who appreciates the wine and likes having a glass of it every now and then. You will get to see how this beneficial drink is made, stored and many other secrets.

Whether you just want to visit specific places in the Valley or just see and experience it all, you must consider taking a bus charter from Sydney to Hunter Valley. It’s the best deal for you, your family and friends where you get to travel in exceptional conditions, avoiding future frustrations caused by extreme heat or finding places you really want to see.