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If you are planning a vacation to Indonesia, and are a little worried you might overspend in it like all your other travel destinations, here are a few valuable tips for you…

To be the tourist or not
Do you enjoy being the tourist, and playing the part of the tourist, regardless to what part of the world you visit? If this only entitles trying out all the different cuisines you come across and participating in every traditional activity that you come across, you are perfectly safe from overspending. However, if you are going to get caught up in the tourist trappings like buying all the overpriced things or visiting only the areas you heard of on social media platforms, you might have to pay quite a bit for that. This doesn’t mean you need to forgo all those lovely souvenirs that you see; just be wise about what trinket to take home.

Take all that is essential to you for the trip
Whether you are having a luxury vacation or you plan to backpack in Indonesia, one wise move that we recommend is to make sure you pack all the essential things. This is actually quite true, regardless to what part of the world you travel to. More often that not, seeing how frequently tourists forget to bring along sun tan lotions, beach towels or even an extra bathing suit; the locals tend to price these things very expensively. This means you’ll have to sacrifice a part of your budget for something you might have bought for much less back home…

What and where to eat
We are firm believers to the fact that if you truly want to learn the secrets of a country and experience it first hand, you need to learnt to eat like the local. This too, has to be done from the very places that the locals flock to. While it is quite true that you might be able to get reviews of places to eat from quite easily online now-a-days, do give the local street vendors a chance to woo you with their talents. Street food is something that even the tightest backpacking Thailand budget can manage…!

The right places to spend on
Always know what is important to you; and be familiar with what you want to spend on. For those who can’t function well without a good night’s sleep, a comfortable hotel or other accommodations is well worth paying a little extra for. For those looking to experience something new or simply make the most of their vacation, spending on activities and tours make sense. Likewise, for the foodies, trying out fine dining of a country, the street foods as well as the beachside dinners will be more interesting. Figure out what interests you; and you’ll find that if you focus on spending on those primarily, you will not tend to overspend.